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4th February 2016 / / entertainment
24th January 2016 / / entertainment

After being blown away with many netflix productions, i’m really rooting for the new seasons of Sense8, Master of None (hopefully) or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season 2 on April 15). But i also looked at the tv shows that are going to be aired this year on netflix. Here are the one i plan on watching, some are are actually already in my menu for this 3 upcoming months.

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24th January 2016 / / on the menu

What caught my eye at the beginning of this bright new year? A lot of tv shows and films I have to catch up on ; and a lot I also need to finish! To my list of films to watch will also be added several that will only be released a couple of weeks from now. So there’s a chance some reviews will take into account how the film actually looked and felt like in theaters, now that can be interesting. As far as tv shows are concerned, it’s just a matter of time before my list grows even longer, as I generally diverge from it to discover new little beauties every once in a while — which actually means every single day.

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24th January 2016 / / on the menu

List of things that caught my eyes for early 2016. There is a lot i’ve been missing out lately, especially on my films. So i’ll catch up on at least these three that i want to see. As for Tv shows, i’m going to catch up on The 100, officially for “review purpose” but let’s be real it will be my CW guilty pleasure to start 2016. I’ll try following 3 new tv shows, woow not-a-challenge-at-all: Baskets, Mercy Street and Vinyl. All of them have really nothing in common, let’s see what will come out of it.

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